The National newspaper in the UAE has heralded the new Gentlemen's Tonic at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi as the Most Exclusive Barbershop in the world. Gentlemen's Tonic has just launched a privelege club for certain select members at Dh 15,000 for 6 months or Dh 25,000 for 1 year. This allows members to have their own personalised and engraved locker, all of their own equipment and bespoke monthly treatments and services. Other perks include access to the hotel's own private cigar bar.

The article further boasts that the UAE is widely known for its outlandish luxury and an exclusive barber shop costing members significant sums join is the latest extravagance but its worth ti: 'Luxury is key at the intimate space, which boasts marble counters, televisions in the mirrors and personalised engraved towels for its members'.

Those frequenting the barber shop include the likes of high-profile chief executives, businessmen and royalty. This is likely to be the kind of clientele signing up for membership, according to Hannah Dowd, the spa manager.

“The privacy factor is what people like,” she said. “Usually with a barber shop people can see in from the street, they can see when you’ve got cotton buds up your nose. This is very private for them.”

“It’s for more of a sophisticated gentleman and offers a very different experience to the typical barber shop. This isn’t just a hair cut; it’s a massage and a whole grooming experience with more of a spa element to it, so they can relax and wind down.”

At this club, a shave is not just a shave; it involves four shaves, two up and two down, in a bid to get the closest possible shave.

Tony Habib is the man with responsibility for the VIPs’ hair. He said: “Just like custom tailored suits, bespoke shoes, customised sports cars and other aspects within our life, we all look for something different and unique''.

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