Women are definitely more enthusiastic about having skin treatments, but we at Gentlemen's Tonic strongly feel that men should acknowledge that a facial is an essential part of your grooming routine. Let our therapists guide you through a step by step guide to what happens in a facial, the most common questions we always get asked and why this treatment is a key part of your skincare routine:

- Why do you need a facial?
Men produce more oil on their skin and they have more clogged pores. A facial is simply a multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin, it is a combination of treatments to fully take care of your skin. Basically an MOT for your skin. 

- How often do you need a facial?
Every 4 - 6 weeks ideally. Men in general are not good at daily upkeep of the skin, if you are religious about caring for your skin (which let’s face it … you’re not don’t lie to yourself) then why not let someone else do it for you? Facials for men are mainly centered around the extractions of black heads and dirt from the pores. Removing these every so often is essential for good skin health.

- How do you prep your face for a facial?
Don’t shave immediately before a facial. Shave a mimimum 6 hours before or the night before ideally. Just do what you do to your skin as normal and our therapists can cleanse your skin fully before your treatment starts.

Gentlemen's Tonic facial mask
- What actually happens in a facial?
Naturally we're all scared of the unknown. So let us tell you what happens during your facial treatment, it is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. Before you start your therapist will do a quick consultation about your skincare routine. This is so that she can get some background information about what concerns you have about your skin so she can personalise your experience as much as possible.
The therapist will then cleanse the skin thoroughly which will remove any pollution and dirt which you accumulated on the way to the appointment. A scrub or a peel will then be used to remove the dead skin cells so that any product used afterwards will be absorbed better. This is great for removing any ingrowing hairs you might have.Hot towels or a steamer will then be used to soften the black heads on your face, and the therapist will do an extraction to clean out the pores. This may be a little uncomfortable but guys, it’s definitely worth it!
After this simply relax. A serum is applied which is performed by a lifting facial massage followed by mask appropriate to your skin. While your mask is on the therapist will do a neck and shoulder massage or a scalp massage to help you relax further. Then after about 10 mins the mask will be removed and your skin will be toned.
To finish the appropriate eye cream and moisturiser is applied while the therapist recommends what to take home to keep up the health of your skin and how often to use it.

Gentlemen's Tonic face massage

- Why you need a facial specifically for men’s skin over just any old facial?
Men’s skin is about 25% thicker then women’s skin. There are lots of different underlying hormonal factors which means more oil. You need products which has been made specifically for men’s skin which can penetrate through the deeper layers and work with your skin rather then just giving you half a facial for more money.

Make sure that you upkeep your skin and book one of our signature Gentlemen's Tonic facials available at our Mayfair, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and New Delhi sites. 
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