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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble trying to log in to book an appointment or to shop online?

If you are logging in to book an appointment online, please click here.
If you are logging in to shop online, please click here.
Otherwise please call +44 (0) 207 297 4343 or e-mail info@gentlemenstonic.co.uk

How far In advance do I need to book an appointment?

If you have a specific date and time in mind, or are booking for several people to come in at the same time, then at least a week’s notice is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Our Full Service appointments ideally require a similar period of advanced notice.

For haircuts, several days in advance is highly recommended, however if you contact info@gentlemenstonic.co.uk, telephone +44 (0) 203 795 7136 or book through our website on www.gentlemenstonic.com, we may still be able to book you in.

Can I book an appointment over the phone?

Yes: Please call +44 (0) 207 297 4343 for Mayfair

Can I place my order over the phone?

Yes: Please call Mayfair +44 (0) 207 297 4343

Do I need to create a customer account to place an order?


How should I prepare myself for waxing?
The hair needs to be at least 1cm long and if hair is very long just give it a slight trim beforehand. No sunlight 24 hours before the treatment.
What is the after care for waxing?
Do not have a hot shower, sauna or visit the gym 24 hours after waxing. Keep skin moisturised preferably using a tea tree moisturiser.
How do I avoid ingrown hairs after waxing?
Exfoliate twice a week and moisturise daily.
Are Gentlemen’s Tonics’ products tested on animals?
No. We do not conduct or commission animal testing on raw materials or finished products by our laboratories or any of our suppliers.
What are the benefits of facials and what should their frequency be?
We recommend a facial every 4 weeks, our highly experienced therapists will deep cleanse the skin’s pores and remove dead skin which will enable the absorption of serums and moisturisers that are applied on the skin. This will reveal a smoother, hydrated and more even toned complexion.
Which facial would be best for me?
Our highly trained and experienced therapists will perform a complimentary skin consultation and thorough skin analysis prior to each facial. They will recommend the most suitable facial for you and advise on an aftercare regime for your skin.
What is the difference between an eyebrow shape and an eyebrow threading?
The Eyebrow Shape is performed by a therapist by using wax and or tweezers. Eyebrow Threading is an ancient technique skilfully using a thread. The hair is removed from the root of the hair follicle by both methods.
How do I avoid ingrown hairs and shavers rash whilst shaving?

Avoid shaving against the grain as this will irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs and or shavers rash. Always shave with the grain and use our pre-shave oil as this will act as a barrier between the skin and razor blade.

What are the benefits of pedicures?
During a pedicure you will receive a foot and lower leg massage which will help improve circulation. Removing calluses and addressing dry cracked skin will help your feet to be pain free as painful feet can have a negative impact. Keeping toenails short and filed will help with the prevention of ingrown toenails.
Do you offer packages for a groom on or before their wedding day?
We offer bespoke packages for a groom and ushers or wedding guests or you can also create your own bespoke package to include your favourite treatments.
Is Gentlemen’s Tonics’ packaging Eco friendly and recyclable?

The outer packaging (carton) is recyclable. The plastic bottles and pots, glass containers of our colognes are fully recyclable. However please remove the lids and pumps before disposing, as these are not currently recyclable.

Is Gentlemen’s Tonic’s product range suitable for vegetarians?


Are Gentlemen’s Tonics’ products natural?

Not completely and our products contain many high performance and active ingredients of botanical origin.

Are Gentlemen’s Tonics’ products hypoallergenic?
For the majority of men, no. If you have a known allergy please read the ingredients list before making a purchase or consult with your doctor. If you suffer from conditions such as eczema or other known sensitivity we would also advise to patch test any new product on the skin.
Do Gentlemen’s Tonics’ Products contain parabens and SLS’s?


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