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Gentlemen’s Tonic has worked hard to formulate, develop and deliver to you the world’s first male only cosmeceutical line.

Using only the best and most active ingredients these products have been developed based on a proprietary layering technique allowing them to penetrate into the lower levels of the dermis.

Research conducted by us has shown by layering concentrated nutrients and vitamins in specific stages a man’s skin is able to absorb the active ingredients more effectively.

In turn this means that the skin is being targeted on all levels and is able to repair and replenish itself effectively working from the inside out.


Our Partners Benefit In 3 Ways

Premium treatments that cost 30%-40% less than other luxury treatments on the market – without compromising on quality.

An excellent marketing opportunity to have a dedicated men’s range within their business. Tap into an ever-growing male market.

In 84% of spas that stock Gentlemen’s Tonic Professional Range, the sale of retail products has increased by more than 60%

Examples of our treatments

Anti Aging Facial – 60 or 90mins

The most advanced Anti-Aging facial for men. This is a results orientated facial which stimulates cell metabolism to dramatically lift, tighten and firm the skin whilst increasing textural clarity and tone. This facial will leave the skin looking significantly refreshed helping to promote a more youthful complexion. Gentlemen’s Tonic products use the latest peptide technology that helps promote collagen production, cell renewal, and increased hydration, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Some of the products used in the Anti Aging Facial include our Supercharged Exfoliant, a highly concentrated exfoliant rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C, Time Control Solution, rich in antioxidants, the Age Protector or Age Defence Mask which both provide instant lifting and firming effect, and the highly concentrated Hero Peptide Serum that significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases skins firmness. Recommended for dry and mature skin types.

Hydration Facial – 40 or 60mins
An effective facial that helps treat very dry and premature ageing skin using a careful blend of Gentlemen’s Tonic professional products specifically formulated to nourish and protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Products used include the Hydro Fresh Cream Cleanser, a gentle non-foaming cleanser rich in Amino Acids and Essential Oil extracts that prevents the loss of moisture during the cleansing process and helps to soften the skin. The Vitamin Facial Buffer Scrub rich in Vitamin E and natural antioxidants and the Brightening Serum both help protect against UV damage and improving the overall texture and moisture content of the skin, and the Power Packed Nourishing Moisturiser, an extremely hydrating formula rich in Hydroviton® Plus an instant, long lasting moisturising ingredient proven to deliver intense skin moisturisation. Recommended for dry skin types or when in need of an hydration boost.

Detox Facial – 60mins

A deep cleansing facial that helps to resurface the skin by unblocking pores, relieve congestion while instantly improving the skin tone and clarity using Gentlemen’s Tonics’ highly advanced professional range. Products used include the Invigorating Gel Cleanser, a concentrated blend of 5 botanical extracts rich in naturally occurring AHAs’,

the Facial Focus Complex rich in fruit enzymes, and the Eliminator Mask, a kaolin-based clay mask which draws out impurities, and helps detoxify and replenish the skin. Recommended for combination/oily skin types or when a deep cleanse is needed.

Booster Facial – 30mins
Quick and efficient, this facial allows the skin to be expertly cleansed, toned, and soothed using a combination of Gentlemen’s Tonic professional products tailored to the client skin type. This facial has been conceived as an introductory facial for those who never had one before or for those who just want a quick but effective treatment.


Tailor-made packages to suit all business needs

Point-of-sale material

Active PR and marketing support at launch and beyond

Full initial and ongoing in-spa training

Flexible business plans

Regular new product and treatment development

Our products are already stocked in some of the world’s finest 5-star luxury hotels and day spas and now, we are bringing our professional spa range to the broader spa market.
For further information or to find out how Gentlemen’s Tonic can work with you, please contact us on +44 (0)203 795 7136 or sales@gentlemenstonic.co.uk.

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