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2 Oct 2018

Gentlemen's Tonic facial

Women are definitely more enthusiastic about having skin treatments, but we at Gentlemen's Tonic strongly feel that men should acknowledge that a facial is an essential part of your grooming routine. Let our therapists guide you through a step by step guide to what happens in a facial, the most common questions we always get asked and why this treatment is a key part of your skincare routine:

- Why do you need a facial?
Men produce more oil on their skin and they

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7 Feb 2018

His habits image

We work with some extremely talented bloggers who love to share their knowledge and passion about men's grooming. One of our favourites Shaun from www.hishabits.co.uk has written a piece for us about different products for your skin type. Make sure you have a look at his blog from some great grooming tips:

How would you feel if I told you that there are a number of different skin types? You've probably heard of a couple of them,

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25 Jan 2018

Facial image

What works for women doesn't mean that it works for men - they say that "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" after all. So why is it so important for men to buy men's specific grooming products? Our experts at Gentlemen's Tonic have all the answers.

In a nutshell men's skin is 25% thicker, oilier and has more collagen than women's. The main reason for this is due to the different  levels of hormones present which mean men suffer from different common problems then women.

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14 Dec 2017

Shower presents for him

With Christmas only 10 days away, don't panic and find the perfect present with Gentlemen’s Tonic this christmas, from gift sets to stocking fillers we can help have Christmas covered. Check out our Christmas picks for 2017.

For the Gym Goer:

We all know 'that' guy who spends every spare moment and more in the gym. Our luxury shower products is the perfect gift to give as an addition to someone's gym bag. Ou

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7 Feb 2017

Harpers Bazaar awards logo

Gentlemen's Tonic is proud to announce that we have won "Best Anti- Ageing Facial for Men" in Harper's Bazaar Malaysia spa awards 2017. 

"If dehydration and fine lines are his conerns, look no further. Natural-based products are at the heart of this salon founded in Mayfair, London, and this facial is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The products are fit for a true gentleman, with innovative serums and active, natural antioxidants to reduce wrinkles. This experience is

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2 Jun 2016

Gentlemen's Tonic is honoured to win ShortList Magazine's Men's Grooming Awards 2016 award for Best UK Grooming Destination

Gentlemen's Tonic is honoured to win ShortList Magazine's Men's Grooming Awards 2016 award for Best UK Grooming Destination for its location in Mayfair. The awards, one of the biggest in the UK, is decided by both members of the public and experts in the grooming industry. Therefore to be recognised by both our clients and an elite judging committee is a testament to all of the hard work and dedication of the company's very professional staff! Thank you so much!

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10 Nov 2015


6 Amazing Gifts That Will Jumpstart Your Guy's Morning


Fancy English man-smelling things are really all any guy needs in the morning to make his day better. Not to knock any of their more potent-smelling American cousins, but there’s something about the understated herbality of English toiletries that is empowering. My two new faves come courtesy od Gentleme

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